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Council Elections

Notice of Election

Nominations have now closed. Nominations received are being verified.

We aim to publish candidate details on 11 December 2017

The voting stage of the election process (including counting of votes) will be run independently of GTC Scotland by Electoral Reform Services (ERS) here.

You can find what you need to know about the election on the ERS election website including: 

  • the Notice of Election with details of the number and range of Council seats to be filled in each election category;
  • FAQs explaining
    • ­who is eligible to stand and vote in the Council election
    • ­how you can stand for election and vote
    • ­how you are allocated to an election category
    • ­the election process;
  • information on the Council's composition and functions and the role and commitment required of a Council member (as well as through the Useful Links below).

What you need to do

Voting is solely online and your PIN to vote will be issued by email.

Printed ballot papers containing a PIN and candidate information will no longer be issues to registrants.

This reflects the Council's aim to be environmentally friendly and cost efficient in line with our organisational values and our financial strategy. At the same time we want to ensure that the online voting process is as accessible and straightforward as possible.

MAKE SURE by Friday 8 December 2017 that:

  • we hold an up-to-date email address for you so that you receive your ballot email with information and your unique PIN to enable you to vote.
  • you are in the correct election category in order to stand for election or vote.

Your unique PIN will enable you to vote in the election category entered against your name in the register on the closing date of 8 December 2017.


By logging into MyGTCS or by signing up for a MyGTCS account you can:

  • add an email address or update your email address
  • change and request a change to your election category.

If you are a return user, simply login and follow the screen prompts; if a first time user, sign up to generate a MyGTCS account and follow the screen prompts:

You will need your registration number to login to your MyGTCS account.  If you have forgotten your password, please use the MyGTCS password reminder facility. 

If you have any MyGTCS queries, these should be dealt with online through MyGTCS or directed to tel: 0131 314 6000.

If you do not have access to the internet or an email address, you can still participate

We do not want registrants to be marginalised or disenfranchised and we are keen to assist you in any way we can to be able to vote.

(1) If you do not have a computer or device (such as a smartphone) to connect to the internet, we would encourage you to ask a friend who has internet access to help you or to make use of any library or other public computer and internet facilities available in your area.  With internet access you will be able:
(a) to set up an email address to receive your ballot email with instructions and your unique PIN to vote; and
(b) to vote. 

We are also happy to advise on how to set up an email address or assist you with this in any way we can.  If you would find that helpful, please do get in touch with us.

(2) If you are currently employed, we would also encourage you to speak to your employer about setting up a workplace email address for this purpose.

We are engaging with teachers' employers to seek their support in assisting teachers to vote in the Council election.

(3) We also acknowledge that, due to certain circumstances, some registrants may not be able to set up an email address or receive emails. If you are in this position, please get in touch with us so that we can assist in enabling you to receive the relevant ballot instructions and your PIN to vote in the election.

Contact Lisa Dobie, Returning Officer – 0131 314 6021 or  

Key Election 2017-2018 diary dates



8 December 2017

Closing date for electors; by this date all electors must be in the appropriate election category.

10 January 2018

Emails with ballot instructions and unique PIN sent to registrants to enable them to vote online.

2 February 2018 (5 pm)

Closing date for receipt of votes online.

7 February 2018 (or as soon as possible after this date)

Publication of results.

14 and 15 March 2018

Induction meetings of the new Council.

2 April 2018

New Council members take up office.



For further information on the role and commitment required of a member of the Council, the election process or if you require information to be provided in an alternative format, please contact:

Lisa Dobie, Senior Manager: Corporate Executive and Governance

T: +44 (0)131 314 6021