The General Teaching Council for Scotland

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Committees and Panels

Under the Public Services Reform (General Teaching Council for Scotland) Order 2011, we have flexibility to determine our own committee and panel structure.

In carrying out their functions and delegated responsibilities, all committees, sub-committees and panels are required to:

  • ensure that GTCS meets its responsibilities to perform its functions in a way which appears to represent best regulatory practice.
  • ensure that GTCS acts legally and within its statutory authority.
  • have regard to the interests of the public when carrying out their functions.


Much of the work of Council is conducted through its committees which have delegated responsibilities in certain areas. The committees formulate and recommend policies for approval by Council and implement and monitor policies approved by Council. They also advise, inform, and put forward recommendations or proposals on other matters for Council or its other committees or sub-committees as appropriate.

Executive Committee Professional Regulatory Assurance Committee Staffing Sub-committee Finance and General Purposes Committee Education Committee Audit Sub-committee

Council members serve on the following committees and sub-committees. The Council can also decide to co-opt registrants or lay persons who are independent from the Council to their membership:

The Council has also established an Appointments Committee consisting solely of appointed registrants and lay persons who are independent from the Council:


The Council has established a number of panels which have delegated authority for certain statutory roles.

Investigating Panel Standard for Headship Professional Interview Panel Professional Standards Panel Professional Update Validation Panel Programme Accreditation Panel

The following panels consist solely of registrants and lay persons who are independent from the Council and who are appointed by the Appointments Committee.

Ad Hoc Committees and Groups

The Council can decide to set up temporary or ad hoc committees or sub-committees. Similarly committees and sub-committees can decide to set up temporary or ad hoc sub-groups or working groups. This is usually to deal with a specific issue, take on a particular task or oversee a particular initiative until the work is completed.


For further information contact:

Lisa Dobie, Council and Panel Support Officer

T:+44 (0)131 314 6021