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External Consultations

When it is appropriate, we respond to external consultations in relation to the teaching profession in Scotland and education in general.

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Our Consultations

This consultation page is used to invite comments on what we are doing. You will find out about, and can participate in, current consultations and will also be able to see the results of past consultations, together with our response to any comments received as part of that exercise.

We are committed to working with teachers, members of the public, including parents, children and young people, and all stakeholders with an interest in Scottish education and the work of GTC Scotland in maintaining and improving professional standards. Through consultations we invite your views when we are planning new areas of work or proposing to change the way we do things. We always welcome suggestions for improving the way we carry out our work.

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Consultation on our Election Scheme

We are consulting on proposed revisions to the GTCS Election Scheme and matters related to the Council election process.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland is required to have an Election Scheme in place in order to elect its Elected Registered Teacher Council members. The Election Scheme sets out the eligibility requirements for nominees standing for election as well as the process to be followed. Elections take place every 2 years when approximately half of the elected Council membership is replaced. This is to ensure continuity of knowledge and experience for incoming Councils.

Who should read this?

This consultation is of particular interest to GTCS registrants but we would also welcome views from anyone with an interest in the work we do as the professional regulatory body for the teaching profession in Scotland. Members of Council are involved in decision making at the highest level: they play a key role in setting the strategic direction and performance management of GTCS.

Start date: 15 December 2016

End date: 2 February 2017

After the consultation:

Our response will be published in March 2017

Documents relating to this consultation:

Respond to the consultation

You can respond to the consultation through the online survey below. Please refer to the Consultation Information Document above for supporting information.

Consultation on Fitness to Teach Rules

We are consulting on proposed new Fitness to Teach Rules to replace our existing Fitness to Teach Appeals Rules which were put in place in 2012.

The Fitness to Teach Rules set out the procedure that is followed when we investigate and determine the fitness to teach of our registered teachers or applicants for registration. We follow this process when we receive information that indicates that a teacher may have fallen short of the standards of conduct or professional competence that we expect.

The changes proposed aim to update our procedures with a view to streamlining them, making them quicker and making them more targeted towards addressing risk of harm. We have also tried to write the proposed new Rules in a simpler way so that they are more accessible and reflect best current practice.

We want to maintain confidence in teachers and GTCS with the protection of the public remaining at the centre of what we do. Our aim is to achieve new procedures that are effective, proportionate, transparent consistent and sensitive to those involved.

Who should read this?

The consultation raises important issues about the way that we deal with and determine whether teacher are fit to teach. We welcome views from everyone and want to encourage as much debate as possible about this important matter. The consultation is relevant not just to teachers and employers of teachers but also the parents or carers of pupils and other members of the public.

Start date: 29 September 2016

End date: 29 November 2016

After the consultation

We'll publish our response in early 2017.

Please ensure that you have read the accompanying information in the "documents relating to this consultation" section below, and thought about your responses to the questions we have posed before proceeding to complete the response form.

Documents relating to this consultation: