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Lay Council Member (2)

Role Description

The role involves serving as a member of GTC Scotland's governing Council which has responsibility for:

  •  setting the strategic direction and policy of GTC Scotland; and
  • ensuring that GTC Scotland fulfils its statutory functions in compliance with the Public Services Reform (GTC Scotland) Order 2011 and other relevant statues, with regard to the public interest and in line with best regulatory practice.

This post is a public appointment, rather than a position of employment.

Term of Appointment

Two interim positions of two years  to 1 April 2020.

Time Commitment

Approximately 11 to 15 days per year.

You will be expected to attend four Council meetings a year and may be required to serve on up to two committees and any applicable panels (as determined by Council).

Committees may meet between four and six times a year. Panels meet throughout the year as required.

Compensation Payment & Expenses

A compensation payment plus reasonable expenses will be provided for Council member attendance in accordance with our Members Expenses and Compensation Scheme Policy. Compensation is £75 for each half day of attendance (up to 3.5 hours) and is intended to compensate members for any financial loss incurred as a result of their attendance. It is not an attendance fee.

Please note: No compensation or expenses will be paid to applicants in connection with the appointment process.

Application Form and information

Additional Information


Further information about the Council is available on the Council section of our website.

Closing date

Applications must be submitted by email by midnight on Sunday 6 May 2018.

Contact Information

Applications should be sent to:

If you require the information to be provided in an alternative format or have any queries regarding the above role, please contact:

Lisa Dobie
Senior Manager: Corporate Executive and Governance
Telephone: 0131 314 6021

Invitation to Tender

Appointment of a Technical Partner to Deliver and Maintain a Unified Communications Solution - 5 Year Term

Purpose of Invitation to Tender

This paper outlines our requirements for a technical partner who has the skills and knowledge to help us deliver a Unified Communications Solution that meets the needs of the organisation as a managed service in a phased delivery

Deadline Date

Applications must be submitted by e-mail by 26 April 2018 to:

Tender Document