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Masters-level learning: Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (Level 11)

The Scottish Framework for Masters in Education progresses the national aspiration that teachers in Scotland engage in Masters-level learning. Masters-level learning is informed by the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) descriptors at Level 11. These ensure that learning:

  • Is practice relevant;
  • Is research informed;
  • Is personally and professionally transformative;
  • Is collaborative in nature;
  • Challenges assumptions and widens perspectives; and
  • Aspires to make a positive impact on Scottish Education.

The SCQF is structured around the following characteristics:

  • Knowledge and understanding;
  • Practice: applied knowledge and understanding;
  • Generic cognitive skills;
  • Communication, ICT and numeracy skills; and
  • Autonomy, accountability and working with others.


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The following is a list of partners who provide teacher education in Scotland and have assisted in agreeing the set of principles which make up the Scottish Framework for Masters in Education: