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Getting it right for every child is never more important for a teacher than when a pupil in their care has learning difficulties. With busy classrooms, it is essential teachers have the right resources and appropriate support to hand to ensure each child or young person gets the recognition and help they need to thrive at school.

The Salvesen Mindroom Centre – a small Scottish charity – is one resource that teachers should contact to gain knowledge and ideas that can help to support a child with learning difficulties. The charity’s vision is to ensure that by 2020, every child and adult with learning difficulties in Scotland will receive the recognition and help they need.

It Takes All Kinds of MindsThe charity’s offering includes a well written booklet, It takes all kinds of minds, providing an insight into a number of learning difficulties, including ADHD, autism, dyslexia and Tourette syndrome.  The guide helps teachers to identify these learning difficulties and includes practical advice on how to provide support in different contexts.

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Nearly 25 per cent of children or young people in Scottish classrooms have an identified additional support need (ASN) including learning difficulties, which highlights how vital it is that they receive proper support, whether or not they have a formal diagnosis.  If these children and young people do not receive the appropriate support at the right time, The Salvesen Mindroom Centre believes learning difficulties “will become the big public health problem of our time”.

Alongside parents and carers, teachers play a vital role in ensuring all young people achieve their potential. The Salvesen Mindroom Centre brings families and professionals together in a non-confrontational way  – keeping the child or young person at the centre  – to ensure that the home–school communications are established.  The charity’s work is underpinned by Scottish Government legislation, policies and procedures, including Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC).

The charity also offers awareness training across the public, private and third sectors to organisations working with children and young people living with learning difficulties.

A key part of The Salvesen Mindroom Centre is its collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and NHS Scotland lead research into understanding and resolving learning difficulties.

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