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Three tips for socially-distanced PRD

Supporting professional learning conversations this year.

Professional Review and Development (PRD) may be somewhat different this year as teachers cope with the ongoing changes arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we have created a range of resources to facilitate PRD conversations. Here are three things to keep in mind when preparing for PRD this year:

Top resources for socially-distanced PRD

Reviewing with Heart

What to do as a reviewer when emotions run high.

Moving forward with a culture and climate of trust

Creating a united approach is key to successful PRD.

Enquiry and collaboration in times of Covid-19

Three headteachers give their views and advice on practitioner enquiry and school collaboration during the pandemic.

Unlocking the Potential of PRD

Guidelines to getting the most out of PRD.

Health and Wellbeing Hub

Resources to support your mental health and wellbeing.

Find more PRD support resources or contact

1. Don’t panic

Some of your planned professional learning may not have gone ahead and you could be worried that you haven’t completed enough for this year. It is important to remember that professional learning is about quality, not quantity.

Additionally, GTC Scotland has extended this year’s Professional Update (PU) sign-off deadline to 31 December 2020. This will allow for a little extra time to have your PRD meetings, discuss your learning, and make your reflections before signing off.

2. Be open – socially distanced PRD does not mean emotionally distanced PRD

One-to-one meetings, especially in these unusually challenging times, can sometimes open up emotional conversations meaning your planned PRD meeting may take a different direction. Don’t feel like you have to stick to a script. Both the reviewee and reviewer need to be open to changing directions and listen to wider needs – the professional dialogue around professional learning can be rescheduled if required.

This opportunity to have the confidence to talk openly and honestly is built on a culture and climate of trust, a key part of successful PRD. Honest and constructive conversations are integral to the professional learning process.

3. Harness your resilience

For those undertaking a practitioner enquiry as part of their professional learning this year, it may have been cut short by school closures. It could feel like wasted time but remember to reflect on the learning that has already happened and continue to have an enquiring stance.

PRD is an ongoing process and any professional learning that has taken place will contribute to your practice and professionalism. There may even be opportunities for you to adapt projects or continue them next year. Learning opportunities are available online and don’t forget to access EBSCO via MyGTCS at any time to read a range of journal articles.