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Teaching – the profession on which all professions rest

Ken Muir, Chief Executive and Registrar

As we celebrate World Teachers’ Day 2017, the key message everyone needs to remember is that it is because of the teaching profession that we have all professions.

This fact can get lost at a time when media coverage often presents Scottish education, and the teaching profession more generally, in an undeservingly negative way.

Teachers make teachers. Teachers make entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, accountants, nurses, doctors, artists, writers, musicians, athletes … and the list goes on.

Teachers matter but so too does Teaching. This is why engagement in professional learning focused on seeking change and improvement is so critical. Highly qualified teachers who engage in meaningful and impactful professional learning are the backbone of any high-quality education system. The child/young person must always be at the moral centre of what we do and we owe it to them as professional teachers to invest seriously in our own professional learning.

To recognise and celebrate the hard work of the teaching profession in this area, GTC Scotland has begun a new programme of professional learning awards. Our first inspirational award winners were announced only a couple of weeks ago at a celebration event in Glasgow, and you can read about them and watch short films explaining why they received an award on the following web page:

Earlier this year we also ran a feature article in Teaching Scotland magazine, ‘What keeps me in teaching’. Teachers from Bellshill Academy and cluster primaries shared the “passion, pride and pleasure” that keeps them in teaching.

So if you are in any doubt about what makes our profession great, and if you are in need of a little inspiration, watch this short film:

On this World Teachers’ Day 2017, let us be proud of the work of our teachers and the teaching profession. Let us recognise and celebrate the huge contribution teachers and other education professionals make to the lives of individuals and to wider society.