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Professional Review and Development

Professional Review and Development (PRD) is at the heart of Professional Update and should be an ongoing process. Your PRD meeting should provide you with a valuable opportunity for a focused professional dialogue between you, as a reviewee, and your reviewer.

Key questions

The following key questions can prove to be a useful focus for PRD professional dialogue. These may be questions your reviewer uses to prompt discussion or for you to direct the focus of the dialogue.

  • How has my (your) professional learning deepened my knowledge and developed my practice?
  • What changes have I (you) made in my practice this year?
  • How do I (you) know?

More information and reflective questions to support your PRD can be found at:

This professional dialogue should be supported by consideration of your ongoing reflections, your various professional learning activities and their impact on you, the young people you support and potentially impact across or beyond your school or establishment.

Your PRD should not simply be a one-off event; rather you should have opportunities throughout the year to discuss your professional learning with your line manager and this may well include informal and/or formal meetings.

The purpose of recording your reflections of your professional learning experience and associated evidence of impact is not to prove what you have done but rather to help you, prompt you and support you in leading your discussions with your line manager, and to inform your own development and future professional learning.

It is important that both the reviewee and the reviewer involved in a PRD meeting have taken the time to prepare and have all the necessary information in advance.

Adopting a coaching approach in the course of a PRD meeting allows the reviewee to genuinely consider and identify their professional development for themselves, and consequently to develop a greater sense of confidence and empowerment.

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More information

GTCS Education Officer Charlaine Simpson has written a blog about gathering evidence of impact.

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GTCS will hold a webinar focusing on Professional Review and Development (PRD) on 23 April between 4 and 5 pm. The webinar will be led by GTCS Director of Education and Professional Learning, Ellen Doherty.

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