The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Scottish pupils looking for a rewarding career should consider teaching, says GTCS

Pupils across Scotland are receiving their exam results today and for many, this will prompt them to think about what they want to do after leaving school.

Commenting on the release of the Scottish exam results, GTC Scotland Chief Executive and Registrar, Kenneth Muir said:

“Remember that results don’t define you, this is just the beginning of your career. While some of you will already know what you want to do, others may still be unsure, so why not become a teacher?

“Teaching is a rewarding and challenging career. It allows you to shape future generations by passing on your skills, talents and passions. It allows you to transform the lives of children and young people by bringing knowledge to life.

“Well done to everyone receiving their exam results today, and congratulations to all of the hardworking and skilled professional teachers who helped their pupils along the way.”

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