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Scottish National Standardised Assessments launched


Information on the Scottish National Standardised Assessments from the National Improvement Framework Unit at Scottish Government

As part of the ongoing implementation of the National Improvement Framework (NIF), the Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSA) were made available to schools on 24 August 2017.

Assessment is a central part of everyday learning and teaching for children and young people, and helps to identify where strengths lie and where more support is required. 

The assessments provide an additional source of nationally consistent evidence for use by teachers when assessing children’s progress. The SNSA is a diagnostic tool to support teachers in improving children’s learning and is an additional source of evidence to inform their professional judgment on pupil progress. The SNSA forms an integral part of the Assessment of Children’s Progress driver within the NIF.

An extensive programme of development, engagement and trialling of these assessments was carried out. The constructive and positive feedback, which was incorporated into the final product, has resulted in a bespoke, high-quality standardised assessment product aligned to Curriculum for Excellence.

Please have a look at the teachers section of the SNSA public website for details about how to log on and for service desk details:

A comprehensive training package has been developed and bespoke support and training will be provided as agreed with your local authority.  If you have any questions about the training available, your local authority can advise you on the arrangements that have been put in place.

General information is available through our public website:

It is also important that staff have the information they need to be able to respond accurately to parents' and carers' queries and concerns about the way their child is assessed. The following information is available to support discussions:

Visit the Scottish Government website for further information about the National Improvement Framework:,0,0,0,0