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Glasgow Kelvin College validated for Professional Update in the College Sector

Glasgow Kelvin College has been awarded a quality mark by GTCS to validate the college’s professional review and development (PRD) policy and processes.
This follows a validation visit to the college undertaken by assessors from GTCS in April. The resulting report took account of the significant distance travelled in professional learning since merger, the transparency and accessibility of the staff development process and the innovation applied by staff and management to ensure that this learning is embedded within teaching practice.

The report commended the work involved in putting the culture, values and change leadership in place and stated that: “It was clear throughout the validation event that the structure and processes within Glasgow Kelvin College sufficiently demonstrated the purpose and principles of Professional Update.”

Since 2014, teachers in Scotland working in local authority schools, national organisations and universities have been required to commit to engaging in ongoing professional learning across their career. This process is called Professional Update and is required to maintain full registration with GTCS. Engagement in Professional Update is voluntary for the college sector, as is registration with GTCS for college lecturers.

Piloted in 2014-2016 with three other Scottish colleges, the Professional Update framework recognises the quality of professional learning processes and how these are embedded into college culture to benefit students. Glasgow Kelvin College is the first post-pilot college to be validated.

Welcoming Ken Muir and Vikki Robertson of GTCS to the college, Chair of the College Board of Management, Irving Hodgson, expressed the delight of staff and managers in gaining accreditation.

He said: “The College is delighted to be fully validated under the Professional Update banner which will encourage and develop further opportunities for staff to engage with both personal and professional learning. This will, in turn, enhance their abilities to ensure our students experience an effective, relevant and stimulating learner journey.

A significant amount of work has been undertaken over the three and a half years since merger and to achieve recognition for this is very gratifying indeed, especially from such a respected institution as the General Teaching Council for Scotland whose endorsement carries great weight in the wider world.”

He further thanked all the staff involved in the visit for their work and commitment to ensuring a positive outcome.

Ken Muir, GTCS Chief Executive and Registrar, said: “We are pleased to give Glasgow Kelvin College our quality mark as an endorsement of the excellence of its professional review and development process. By engaging in our Professional Update process, the college has committed to support teaching staff in their development and continued professional learning, both of which are critical to ensuring that students achieve high-quality outcomes.”

The process and principles of Professional Update are now inherent in all professional development at Glasgow Kelvin College and available to all teaching staff, not just those who are GTCS registered. Should staff wish to gain registration however, the college is keen to encourage their ambitions.