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GTCS response


The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) has issued a response to the Scottish Government's Education Governance Review announcement

GTCS Chief Executive, Kenneth Muir said:

“We welcome this announcement and its emphasis on extending registration and regulation to the wider education profession. The announcement offers an opportunity for greater coherence across the education system, in the best interests of children and young people. This is consistent with the carefully considered submission by the Council of GTCS as part of the consultation exercise carried out by Scottish Government and we look forward to playing a full role in the consultation on these important proposals.

“GTCS has consistently stated that the principle of teacher regulation against a set of Professional Standards, and the principle of a degree-level led profession should be enshrined and this has happened. We are committed to offering new, flexible routes into teaching but it is imperative that new teachers are properly qualified and registered.

"Scottish Government will be consulting on their proposals to establish an Education Workforce Council for Scotland from autumn 2017. We will make a full contribution to this consultation and are currently seeking further details as to the scope and functions that could be undertaken by this new body.

“Teachers in Scotland are as well qualified as anywhere in the world and they work incredibly hard to offer quality learning experiences to children and young people. It is time, as a country, that we start to recognise this contribution and to ‘talk up teaching’ rather than the often negative, pessimistic views of the selfless work teachers do day to day often in challenging circumstances.”