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Entry requirements to the teaching profession


Higher English and National 5 Mathematics continue to be required as a prerequisite for entry into the teaching profession.

This is set out in our Memorandum on Entry Requirements to Initial Teacher Education.

Universities are granted a level of flexibility when deciding the acceptability of individual qualifications. There will be occasions when, as part of the application or interview process, there will be an exceptional candidate who does not at present hold the required English and Mathematics qualifications. In these limited number of cases there is an opportunity for the individual to gain these qualifications in parallel with their degree. A firm commitment must be given by the student and the pathway to the qualifications identified and agreed. These qualifications must be achieved by the end of the programme or this will adversely impact on gaining the degree.

Despite recent media coverage, the requirement for English and Mathematics remains.

A working group will be meeting in the near future to begin work on revisions to the wording of the Memorandum to reflect the flexibility outlined above.

The group will be Chaired by a University Dean and comprise GTCS staff and Council members, and representatives from universities and local authorities.