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9 May 2017

#1minPL - Maintaining a professional learning record

Charlaine SimpsonCharlaine Simpson, Senior Education Officer

Maintaining a reflective record of professional learning and evidence of impact form an essential part of the Professional Update process. Registrants across Scotland have maintained records of their professional learning for a number of years, and in many different ways. This has included paper-based systems of recording as well as on-line systems, often linked to internal local authority systems.

Professional Update builds on this already established practice and helps to formalise this process, whilst recognising the different local contexts. However, there is now a requirement to engage in reflective thinking and practice, professional learning and consideration of the impact supported by evidence.

We have developed online profiles within MyGTCS. This provides registrants with a system for recording their reflective record of professional learning and evidence of impact. However, the system of recording professional learning for the purposes of Professional Update will vary depending on where a registrant is currently employed. Registrants employed in local authorities will receive further information from their employers about the systems in place in their authority.

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